I am currently a Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence (Academic Education) at King’s College London. I also work with David Clifton and Clive Siviour at at the IBME, University of Oxford, in investigating how machine learning techniques can help finding structure-property relationships in the context of polymer design. I am a junior research fellow at Kellogg College, Oxford. At Oxford, I am currently a college lecturer in mathematics and statistics at Chirst Church.

My research on graph kernel methods started not long ago, while I was a postdoc at King’s working with Luc Moreau and Dong Huynh in Provenance. Before diving into the machine learning world, I worked (and still do!) in consensus processes on graphs. On that more theoretical side of things, I have completed my PhD in Computer Science also at King’s under the supervision of Peter McBurney and Kathleen Steinhöfel following my first degree in pure mathematics at the University of São Paulo, Brazil. My research interests include multi-agent systems, machine learning, provenance, graph kernels, and stochastic processes.